Day 21- No More Junky Christmas Music

December 12, 2012 1 Comment

Day 21- No More Junky Christmas Music seems like a no brainer, but there is more to it than that. Let me explain…

Music has a great power to influence the feeling in a home and in a heart, which is why songs about Santa, and Snowflakes aren’t top of my list songs for a Christmas playlist. When I play Christmas music, I want it to be deliberate, extraordinary and add to the spirit in our home by delivering a powerful message about Jesus Christ.  That doesn’t mean that Santa and Snowflakes don’t sneak in every so often, but by and large our Christmas playlist is comprised of songs that testify of Jesus Christ.

Music has the power to testify of Christ in a way that nothing else does.

Seeing how my husband is a musician and I have kids working on piano this video I found was a beautiful way to introduce the magic of music during the Christmas Season to my family. I think you’ll LOVE it too!

YouTube Preview Image

My husband is VERY particular when it comes to quality Christmas Music whereas I’m very particular when it comes to the message of the Christmas Music, so together we make a good fit! Here are our all time favorites for Christmas Music…

If you want to buy the albums, here are their links on Amazon

Josh Groban- Noel


David Archuletta & Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Jackie Evancho

Charlotte Church

Susan Boyle

Nat King Cole

Celtic Women

Vienna Boys Choir

I’d love to know whats on YOUR favorite Christ Centered Christmas Music playlist.

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  1. lindy mckay says:

    I love great Christmas music about Christ! This is the point of the season and music is so powerful, that there’s nothing better to get that point into your heart.

    Thanks for this post. I love your music suggestions!

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