Ringing in the New Years- With Christ Centered Traditions

January 5, 2013 1 Comment

Well here we are celebrating the new year of 2013. It has been a wonderful year, and as a Christian family there is so much that we can do to focus on Jesus Christ this new year. I am going to share my traditions with you in hopes that it will inspire you to find more ways to celebrate a fulfilling year.


The first thing I do on New Years Eve with my family is sit them around the table and light candles. I turn out the lights put on some soft music. Then, together we make a giant list of everything wonderful that happened that year. We write down things like:

Baby learned to use the potty

Princess turned 8

Daddy got a new job

Made new friends

Cousins moved into our neighborhood

I try to list at least 100 things. When you first start it seems a little slow going, but in a few minutes it livens up and pretty soon you have so many things to write down your hands are sore!

After the list is done, we go over it and talk a little bit about how we have seen the hand of God in our lives this year. The next thing we do is make a giant list of the things that we want to do in 2013. These are all our goals for the year. After I have written them all down I type them up and post them for everyone to see.


Another thing I like to do at the beginning of a new year is have a candle light ceremony- I sat out 100 candles on the table and let the children light each candle when they had thought of a way that we had been blessed this last year. There is something wonderful that happens when you immerse yourself in all your blessings and remember them together. We write down things like:

Grandma was healed from Cancer

A man at the store shared his pistachios with us

A stranger didn’t get upset when baby opened the car door and made a dent in his new car

A freak hailstorm ended up being more of a blessing than a curse for our car and home

We made new friends


The last thing that I do to bring the light of Christ into our year is to make a vision board with our family. I look at that list of things that we want to accomplish and we go through hundreds of magazines clipping pictures that remind us of our goals. I let the children help with finding the pictures, but I make the actual board when they are all asleep and I can make it as attractive as I can. After all, I do want it to inspire me!

We call this our vision board and hang it up where we can all see and be reminded throughout the year of our family goals.


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