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February 13, 2013 1 Comment

Okay, If you are anything like me, Valentines Day rolls around and you love your husband so much that you want to do something really special for him. Well, you just got lucky, because this year I did all the work of FREE Valentine Date Printables for you. And trust me, you’re gonna love ’em! I got together with my sister from Aunty Bears Blog and we made a whole kit full of dates for our hubbies. Here they are:


I went to the thrift store and found a cute red book for .25 cents. I brought it home and used an exacto knife to cut out a heart in the middle of it. Then I decorated the book and attached an invitation to join me for a night of literature. This is fun date because it includes three things:

1. Some Funny Valentine Mad Gabs which I found here

2. Creating a Poem using only the words from the cut out hearts which I stuck between the remaining pages of the book

3. Using a black marker crossing out words on a page to create  a love letter for each other. How fun!

FOR the Printable to this Date Click Below:


So, my husband LOVES family history, which means a date kit without some fun family history activity wouldn’t be complete. Don’t worry though, we found some ways to ‘spice it up’!

To make it a little extra fun, we created a Bingo Card- download below

and this

Which has different things you might find as you index a census. If your husband get’s BINGO while doing the indexing together than you get to choose  prize he might like 😉



This date starts out with you both sketching each others portraits! Don’t worry if you can’t draw, that makes it even more fun.  Then we study some famous paintings and finally watch Night At the Museum. Download Printables  BELOW


This night I thought we would like some candles, and cook a meal over the fireplace. The whole date would be just visiting and talking with the lights all out. How Romantic! Click below for free printables


You invite your hubby to a night of homemade goodness. We got the idea and printables for this date from The Dating Diva’s HERE


We found a copy of Taming of the Shrew from the thrift store and wrapped it all up in pretty paper. The date will be going through some signs and symbols of the movie, taking a short quiz to test our knowledge of the subject and then watching Taming of the Shrew together. Free Printables BELOW:

Okay, that’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed the FREE Valentine Date Printables. I’d love to hear about your favorite dates!


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