FREE Valentine Coupons

February 13, 2013 No Comments
Valentines Day is one of my kids favorite holidays because they get a something they LOVE. Every year the Coupon Fairy visits them and leaves them a pack of their own Valentine Coupons. Every year that is but one. Last year the Coupon Fairy got stuck in the printer, and left a note apologizing- the kids never forgave her! This year, she is not getting stuck in the printer and I have create two sets of beautiful FREE Valentine Coupons for you to use and print!


Each year I give my kids about 4 cinnamon hearts, some ‘love notes’ and a book of Valentine coupons.  Other than making them a big ‘valentines breakfast’ they don’t get much else. Some of my friends think I am strange to skip out on the fun other Valentines goodies that are loaded in the stores.  I don’t have anything against all that extra stuff but the truth is, most years I can’t afford anything for my kids and they are so excited about the coupons that I don’t want to spoil it but giving them goodies as well.  Here are the two different versions of the coupons my sweet sister has made.  I like them both. Last year they got a set of each one because I couldn’t decide which one l liked best.  This year I think I will only give them one set and a pre-made “date kit”.  I am not sure if I will get around to making them each a “date kit” or not, but I want to because they all were so envious when they saw the date kits I was making for my hubby.


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