Valentine Activities About LOVE

February 13, 2013 No Comments

So my kids love to be involved in everything I do- which is great because we have  a lot of fun together. Here are a few Valentine Activities About LOVE that we did this year to give away as gifts.

Heart Shaped Hand warmers


Choose a pretty pink fabric and cut out two hearts the same size. Flip the the good side of the fabric so it is facing itself and sew around the edge leaving at least a 1 inch gap which you will use to fill it up.HandWarmers

Turn the heart inside out, so the good side of the fabric is now exposed. Fill up your heart envelope with wheat, rice or beans. You can also add some pretty smells to this step like Lavender or Peppermint.


Hand Sew the last 1 inch gap which you used to stuff the heart.


Give away!


So I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it so much that the kids and I decided to do it ourselves. I must say, they turned out beautifully and we had such fun along the way.


The First thing that we did is make up some random butterfly shape which we cut out of cardstock to use as our template. I made mine about the size of my hand.


Then we choose 5 or 6 different scrapbooking papers that were our favorite and we traced our butterfly onto each one of them.


Next cut out the shapes and we stacked them together making sure the pretty paper was all facing up. We took this stack to the sewing machine where my daughters experimented with pretty stitches. In the end we like the zig zag stitch the best. So imagining your stack of butterflies is fabric you sew straight down the middle.


After you’ve sewn your butterflies you can spread & bend their wings out to give them some dimension.

We took our butterflies to people who were sick in the hospital. I had each of the girls write a love note on each wing and the people we visited absolutely LOVED it!


It’s really great making things at Valentines Day that remind us of God’s Love because there are so many signs of it all around. I’d love to hear what your favorite Valentines Activity About LOVE is! Please share your comments below 🙂

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