Day 25 Happy Birthday Jesus!

December 7, 2012 2 Comments

Day 25- Happy Birthday Jesus is when Christian Families Keeping Christ in Christmas are going to make Jesus a beautiful birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

After celebrating Christ every day in December, I am always the most excited about Christmas Day. By now our family has immersed ourselves in trying to think about, become like and follow Jesus Christ and this is the day where you really feel HIS spirit in your homes and hearts. This is the day, that your heart is filled with gratitude because of the blessings and sacrifices that our Savior made for us. On this day, you know what the true meaning of Christmas really is and why it feels so good to celebrate it simply and beautifully. You don’t miss the tinsel, or the presents, because HIS presence is so strong in your home and it fills you up.

I always make sure that the cake is made and decorated the night before. That way, no matter what time the kids wake up to open their stockings, we can sit down at the breakfast table and enjoy a feast fit for a king. We always start the feast with a prayer and then sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The kids love to blow out the candles and it reminds them right until the very last day that this celebration really IS about Jesus.

The birthday cake can be fancy, like this on or can be simple. I always put an ornament on top to make it look prettier. Here are some other Happy Birthday Jesus Cakes I’ve made…

So now it’s your turn, what do you do to keep Christ in Christmas on December 25? I’d love to hear your comments.



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  1. Dustin Kostynuk says:

    My Cake didn’t turn out quite as nice as yours. But the kiddo’s ate it anyhow

  2. Lorraine McKay says:

    The idea is great but you obviously have cake decorating skill the rest of us don’t have. I admire you for being so mindful in what you chose to include for your family celebration. If more people focused on the great gift of Christ’s birth, I truly believe our happiness quotient as a culture would rise considerably. Our most memorable Christmases were those where we gave gifts of service rather than wrapped presents. I think Jesus would like those better for his birthday.

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